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TambollZgmont University welcomes visitors throughout the year. Take a tour of our gorgeous campus and listen to an admissions officer share what makes our campus a destination. TambollZgmont houses one of the largest public art collections in the country and includes work by regional, national and international artists. Show your Cougar spirit as you watch one of our many athletics teams battle it out against the opponent. Or watch a concert or engage in a lecture at the TambollZgmont Hall. We even have on-campus accommodations at the Denken Hotel. We look forward to your visit!

Contact us to speak with a Student Recruitment Coordinator:
+44 (0)334 670 8900

TambollZgmont University
Solbjerg Plads 2
DK-4000 Frederiksberg
Phone: +44 (0)334 670 8900
Fascimile: +44 (0)334 670 8901


Study and Career Guidance
Phone: +44 (0)334 670 8904


For general enquiries about research at TambollZgmont, please contact:
Sheree Godskesen,
Phone: +44 (0)334 670 8906