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Designed around you

Our programmes fit the way you work, the way you live.


You can study our MBAs, MScs and DBA from anywhere in the world by online distance learning.
Or, study your MBA on campus; in the Kingdom of Denmark.


Established in 2005, TambollZgmont University (TZU) is an international, high-ranking University. We offer foundation, bachelor’s, master’s, MBA and doctoral programs which focus on business administration, international business, marketing, finance and enterprise, among others. We provide small, dynamic classes in English, with the best of both North American and European academic curricula both on campus and online. Our pragmatic approach to business education, together with TZU’s global network, prepares students for a career in today’s rapidly evolving and globalized business world.


To expand your knowledge of contemporary business strategy and principles, the course is taught by a selection of leading experts from diverse industries, each a specialist in their own field and business sector. All our teaching staff subscribe to the theory that direct experience is key to learning and to improving your confidence.

The Online Masters covers all the essential areas of business, including marketing, economics, accounting and finance, ensuring you get the most from your study time. By offering such a comprehensive and diverse learning experience, you will be empowered to develop a full understanding of the dynamics of modern business, opening doors to a successful career.

Why choose this course?

  • Learn to analyze, address and overcome complex global business challenges.
  • Develop critical managerial disciplines and master practical applications.
  • Develop the people-management skills necessary for effective leadership.
  • Master skills in a highly interactive online learning environment.
  • Engage and interact with a global body of peers.
  • Challenge critical thinking on global business issues.
  • Understand business management and its applications in professional life.
  • Gain an international perspective of organizations and management theory.

The course content and rigorous teaching methods are on a par with those offered in our campus-based courses, yet designed specifically for innovative online learning. In addition, as an online student, you are free to study anywhere, and at a time that suits you. Furthermore, our online courses utilize our advanced online learning platform, complete with a full suite of interactive features to connect you with your tutors and make learning more fun and immersive.

Our virtual learning experience includes the following benefits:

  • Video lectures designed and delivered by our acclaimed teaching staff.
  • Interactive assignments enabling you to participate in online learning exercises.
  • Real-life case studies offering you skills that can be applied immediately.
  • Social interaction with peers, professors and tutors to make you more connected.
  • Digital resources to help you enrol, resolve technical enquiries and develop your career.


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